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Legal Services for Families

We know your family is your most important investment, and we strive to provide compassionate and approachable legal services to families who are planning for the future or who have experienced loss.

Estate Planning in Austin, Texas

Whether you need a Last Will & Testament, Revocable Living Trust, Advanced Healthcare Directive (or a "Living Will"), Goldman Law Group can assist your family in securing your legacy for future generations.  We offer a streamlined process intended to make estate planning efficient and approachable for all families.


Probate is the court process that wraps up the estate of the deceased individual after they die. We assist families in Houston and Austin with probate matters.

Little Legacies Planning - A Plan for Your Children

We believe that most estate plans fall short when it comes to planning for minor children. From appointing long term guardians who will step in as parent figures if something happens to you, to customized wallet / backpack identification cards identifying emergency contacts, our comprehensive Little Legacies Plan protects your children from uncertainty and conflict if something happens to you.


Guardianship proceedings typically involve court proceedings where an adult that meets certain qualifications is appointed to care for the person or the estate of another individual (the "ward"). The ward could be suffering from a debilitating condition that prevents them from making decisions or managing their own affairs. If someone you know needs a guardian appointed, we can guide you through the process.

"Next Steps" Consultation

If your family has experienced a death, and you aren't sure what to do next, we offer a "Next Steps" consultation to provide guidance on what you should do next with regard to your loved one's assets and liabilities.

Real Estate Transactions

We have experience representing buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants in real estate related matters across the state of Texas.

Legal Services for Businesses

Many of Goldman Law Group’s clients are business owners. Kristy is a business owner herself and understands how to create and implement plans to help you reduce your personal liability, avoid conflict, and create stability in your business.

After more than ten years as primarily a litigator, helping clients who were already in the midst of disputes, Kristy now spends her time and efforts helping companies to prevent those disputes in the first place with proper counseling and planning.

Contract Review and Negotiation

The success of a business can rise or fall on the quality of its contracts with vendors and clients. We have over a decade of experience counseling businesses to ensure their contracts provide adequate security and obtain the best negotiating position for our clients.

Entity Formation and Maintenance

From selection of the appropriate entity and filing the required documents with the Secretary of State to creation of bylaws, shareholders agreements, and maintenance of corporate minutes, we can assist businesses with everything they need to ensure their business entity offers the liability protection and financial benefits they want and need.

Outsourced General Counsel

If your business could benefit from streamlined and regular communication with an attorney who knows and understands your business, we have affordable "General Counsel" packages available.


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