We're excited to share a big update for the Goldman Law Group! Kristy Goldman is now a partner at West Webb Allbritton & Gentry P.C. Teaming up with West Webb means that we can now offer all of the capabilities of a large, established firm right here in the Steiner Ranch and the Four Points area. The accessibility is the same, but the legal services are far more extensive. West Webb specializes in estate planning, business entity formation, commercial litigation, real estate law, family law, trademark, and employment law, just to name a few, and we are eager to begin offering these services right here where you need them! You can still find us right upstairs from Cho in Steiner Ranch.

West Webb is a firm made up of incredible people whom we deeply respect. They have been providing the highest quality legal services across the state of Texas for 40 years, and we are honored to be joining their team as we continue to serve the Austin area and beyond!


Kristy Goldman, Attorney and Founder

Welcome! Congratulations on taking the critical first step in protecting and planning for your family or business. My business is about relationships, and I look forward to learning your story. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you as you secure the legacy of your family and/or business.

To learn how we can serve you, your family, or your business, please schedule a consultation here.


As your family's attorneys for your estate planning and business planning needs, Goldman Law Group has the experience to protect the legacy you've built for the ones you love.

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