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Maintaining Your Business Entity – Compliance & So Much More

We don’t really like the word "compliance" because it seems to suggest that we're going to restrict you in some way - but it’s just the opposite.

Maintaining your business entity is about the “nutrients” of a business that's well cared for.

Through our membership programs, we take care of all the little details, so you can stay creative and expansive.

At most business planning law firms, the relationship ends when you sign your incorporation documents.

At Goldman Law Group, we see the signing of your entity formation documents as the beginning of our relationship with your business – not the end.

Over time, your business will change and grow, your ownership structure may change, and we know for sure the law will change.

Your business documents must accommodate all of these changes in order to make sure your business is on track for growth and continued success.

If your business doesn't have annual meetings, maintain meeting minutes, have agreements, and isn't properly updated and maintained over time, your legal documents may become worthless - worth no more than the paper they were printed on.

The costs of failing to update your legal documents regularly are typically far greater than keeping everything current.

How Tax Strategy Saves You Big Bucks. Don’t Get Blindsided

When you structure your tax situation properly, you could be paying less than 10% of your income in taxes. Yes, less than 10%.

If you plan poorly in this area or neglect to plan at all, you could be paying as much as 50% of your income in taxes.

Strategic planning makes the difference.

Paying more in taxes means so many things you really don’t want:

✓ You're leaving less for your family, your message, and your legacy.
✓ You're living on less and limiting what you can invest in your business.
✓ You're operating in fear because you have no idea what this year’s tax liability will be.
✓ You're dreading the next meeting with your CPA because they'll ask for records you don't have readily available, making the meeting a whole list of to-do’s that you don't have time for.

While we aren't tax advisors, this is another one of those areas where, with our creative business strategy plans, we'll support you by ensuring you're meeting regularly with your CPA, strategizing in advance of tax season, and avoiding getting blindsided by a huge tax burden you didn't plan for.

We'll even meet personally with you and your CPA on our higher-level Business Growth Membership programs so you understand the tax strategies that your CPA recommends and so you're able to easily make decisions about sometimes complex issues.

You can look to us to save money on taxes, understand your taxes easily, and most importantly, take action on the advice you receive when it comes to reducing your tax liability.



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