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In so many ways, estate planning is the very most important for you when you're not married, but have a life partner in your life. If you have children together, it’s exponentially more important for you to get your estate planning handled right.

The law doesn't protect your love if you're not married, period.

You have to take action yourself to ensure you'll have access to your loved one’s hospital bedside, and that your unmarried loved one will have access to you if you're hospitalized.

If you don't take action, it’s very likely that the person you love most in the world could be blocked from being with you in an accident, or making health care decisions for you, or deciding what you're fed, or who gets to see you.

That’s just your healthcare. Without the protection of estate planning, the person you love most in the world could be thrown out of your house, ejected from your business, or locked out of your finances.

If you have children together, they could even be taken out of your partner's care.

Estate planning when you're unmarried isn’t optional. It’s truly a matter of life and death for the people you love most.

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To read up on the specifics of estate planning based on your situation, check out our detailed service listings here.

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