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How We are Different For Businesses

My philosophy towards advising businesses is to take a proactive approach to business counseling and advice, based on a relational model in which I'm regularly engaged with your business and become familiar with its unique strengths and challenges. In most situations, I also structure my practice around a flat-fee structure, which is radically different than 99% of law firms out there. I work on a flat-fee in order to align my interests with yours: the skilled and efficient protection of the business you've worked so hard to create.

By getting to know you and your specific business, Goldman Law Group provides customized high-level business counsel that fosters open communication and avoids conflict for your business down the road. This is a vastly different approach than "not until something happens" (an employee lawsuit, a client complaint, a vendor dispute, a big tax bill or an audit, or the need/desire to borrow money, raise capital, or your own incapacity or death), when you (or your loved ones) realize your corporate documents are incomplete and you aren't able to respond properly to the situation.

Having your business legal affairs in order and complete is as high priority as having your marketing plan and business model in place. It’s one of the little-known secrets to the most successful companies – they were set up right.

It’s no mistake that the IRS audits unincorporated sole proprietors 5-7 times more often than it does incorporated business entities. The IRS knows if you don't have your business set up right, you probably aren't doing your taxes right. We know you're probably also not hiring and firing right, have not enough (or too much) insurance, and that it’s probably not the right type. You're probably paying more for insurance than you need to as well, if you have it.

All of this leads to your business being built on a house of cards, one crisis away from closing your doors.

How do I know all this?

I was litigation counsel for more than a decade to clients ranging from Fortune 500 clients to locally owned small businesses.  During that time, I helped my clients through disputes with employees, vendor disputes, collection issues, lawsuits over intellectual property, and a host of other disputes. On average, taking a small case to trial in Texas is going to cost your company no less than $250,000-$300,000 - and that’s only if there are no overly complex issues that require heavy research and briefing. A more typical case would likely range from $500,000+.  Did I mention that most cases won’t get to trial for at least 2.5 years, and even after trial, appeals could go on for years?

There really is a better way. Your business can avoid so many “dispute” traps with proper planning and regular legal advice. Wouldn’t it be better to save your money, time, and energy to make sure it was done right the first time, with the help of your trusted adviser and business lawyer, rather than pay later to litigate a fight you could've avoided?

Unfortunately, I discovered that most lawyers who hold themselves out as business lawyers do nothing more for their clients than incorporate their entity and send them on their way. You could get your business entity incorporated a lot less expensively by using a document drafting service if that’s all you're going to have taken care of by your lawyer.

Your business lawyer should be a counselor, not just a document preparer.

Our Firm Helps You Prepare for Business Growth and Success

What makes our firm different is that we were built with the needs of growing businesses in mind. Just because you can’t afford or don’t need in-house General Counsel, doesn’t mean you don’t need counsel. We're that counsel.

We understand you're BUSY, you're growing, you're planning for a business of prosperity, and you value ease, convenience, and efficiency. You want to know you’ve made the best decisions for your business and that you’ve got all the business details handled so you can be as creative and expansive as possible.

That's our focus as well. We’ve developed unique systems so you can have the guidance you need to build a business of meaning, significance, and serious profitability. We encourage communication with our clients.

We monitor your business activities on a regular basis (determined by the planning level chosen with our firm), so we can be proactive about ensuring deals are documented, business moves forward, new ideas are protected, new hires have agreements in place, and your company is always in order.

I look forward to caring for your business soon.



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